Stop Struggling to Understand. Speak & Understand English Clearly.

Are you frustrated by your ability to understand what people are saying to you in English? 

Do You Want to...

  • Understand English TV shows and movies more easily
  • Understand native speakers without effort
  • Have easier telephone conversations
  • Speak English more easily

If the above describes you, read this page to discover the benefits of  Clear Accent training. 

Be Understood and Understand What
People Are Saying with Ease

Many people would like to understand English much more easily so that they could enjoy conversations more. The problem is, they don't know how to achieve this goal. It seems a dream to them to be able to easily understand English .

What if there was a way to understand English much more easily than now, but without it taking years of effort? What if understanding what people are saying wasn't such a struggle but instead happened with ease in conversation?

What many people don't realise is that the key to understanding English easily is getting a clear accent.

There are 44 sounds in English, which is far more than any other language. Just think of all the sounds you are probably missing, which is obviously going to make understanding English a lot more difficult and frustrating. 

This Clear Accent course will improve your speaking and accent. Completing this training will also stop you from stumbling and fumbling your words. People will understand what you're saying and you will create a much better impression. 

What You Will Learn...

Clear Accent is a video training course. The training is practical and fun, and can be completed in as little time as a week.

This clear accent training teaches you to recognise and accurately produce the sounds of English. As English isn't your native language, many of these sounds are missing from your English, making it coarse and hard to understand. By learning these missing sounds of English, your competence and skill speaking English will grow.

You also learn important speaking and listening skills that your previous teachers failed to teach you. Learning these vital skills will make everything so much easier for you.

Compared to other courses on the market, Clear Accent is special because the method is very fun and enjoyable. Unlike other courses, you don't need to memorise anything or watch dull lessons. Instead, when you take the Clear Accent course, you learn and improve by completing engaging speech training exercises. You'll be amazed by your growing competence and skill speaking English, as you progress through the lessons. From beginner to advanced, the speech training exercises will grow your competence speaking English.

The course is organised into repeat-after-me lessons that give you plenty of practice to improve your accent. You also get a few lessons on the most important topics of pronunciation that you simply must know. Mainly, however, this course is very practical and focuses on building missing skills--your accent improves just by following along with the lessons.

"Is This the Right Course for Me?"

"The Course Seems a Bit Expensive"
The Clear Accent course saves you from wasting your precious time and energy, struggling to understand English and speak it clearly.  It's not much to pay to overcome your difficulties in a short time.

"I Don't Have Time to Learn Pronunciation"
Don't worry, Clear Accent is not a pronunciation course that requires you to study for hours learning IPA (the International Phonetic Alphabet). Instead, you will learn the sounds of English by directly practising them in repeat-after-me lessons. 

"I don't think accent is important right now"
The course isn't intended to teach you a particular accent, e.g. a 'British accent'. Instead, its purpose is to train you to understand English better and to make your accent clearer. You will need to improve your accent eventually, so why not start now and get all the benefits immediately?

"I have already taken an accent course and it didn't work."
The course you took was probably too academic and didn't get you practising enough. Clear Accent is different and much better because you get just the right amount of technical instruction and practical training.
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Pay Once and Get Started Today

It costs £50 to join this course, which helps you to make much faster progress with your English. Completing this course turns on a light that will make the whole of English clearer for you. 

What If the Course Doesn't Work for You?

If you are unhappy with the results you get from taking this course, I will refund you. Simply send me an email. I want you to be happy with your investment in this training, therefore I will gladly refund you if the training doesn't work for you. With this promise in mind, you have nothing to lose by taking this training and everything to gain.

Everything You Get...

  • Engaging lessons to keep you motivated
  • Get 75+ Clear Accent training exercises
  • Lessons on the sounds of English
  • Learn in a structured and organised way
  • Exclusive access on Jade Joddle's Student site

Take the Clear Accent Course & Get All of These Results...

  • Understand so much more
  • Listen to English with ease
  • Speak clearly and people will be impressed 

Course Reviews

"I was amazed by the fast progress I got from taking this course. Within a week, my speaking and listening had noticeably improved. The best thing about taking this course is that you can quickly use it to leap forward with your listening skills."

Marta Cadko 
"I got fast progress"

"The results I gained from taking the Clear Accent course far exceeded my expectations. It was like my ears suddenly came alive, which allowed me to properly understand English for the first time. Taking this course was the best decision I made this year."

Matteo Bianchi
"Better than I expected"

"The way the course is organised helped me to stay motivated until the end. I was impressed with the improvement I got, as I noticed my skills getting stronger from the lessons. Speaking and listening to English became much easier."

Andy Chau
"Noticeable improvement"

"I wish I had found this course earlier. It helped so much with my listening. I can now understand what people are saying without concentrating as much. It helps me enjoy English so much more!"

Pedro Gonzalez
"It helped so much"
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